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Pikitin Learning Projects offers supplementary and enrichment readiness programs, professional development sessions for educators and parents, as well as magazines, audio-visuals, summer backpack kits, and other resources in English, Spanish, and Creole specifically created for bilingual or immigrant students. All resources support key learning domains and align with national learning standards for school districts.

Pikitin also draws inspiration from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, S.T.E.A.M., and traditional education to create content and resources.

Pikitin also aligns with CLASS, the Florida Readiness Program, and Early Head Start and Head Start.

Supplementary Curricula and Resources:

  • Pikitin Around the Kitchen/Pikitin en la cocina (Infants and Toddlers)
  • Exploradores (2,3,4 years old)
  • Los Grandes Amigos (Pre-K 3-4)
  • Artistic Activities for Inclusive Classrooms (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
  • Tino the Chef (S.T.E.A.M. Kindergarten)
  • Pin-Pan-Pun (Preschool-Kinder – outdoor kit)
  • Kamishibai Literacy Kits – Bilingual or Spanish (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
  • The Purple Team (Socio-Emotional kit)
  • BackPack “Problem Solving” (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
  • BackPack “Socio-Emotional” (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
  • BackPack “Music and Math” (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
  • My Patio Friends Magazines
  • Collection (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)
    Jean Perrin
  • Social-Emotional Kits (Pre-K 3-4, Kindergarten)