Pikitin Learning Projects: We create educational resources based on music and authentic literature, aimed at supporting bilingualism, multiculturalism, and creativity in children, youth, and families so that they can learn a second language or strengthen it. Welcome school teachers, families, and our certified “Pikitin Club” associates!

Our Projects
Engaging and Interactive Professional Learning at your fingertips. Virtual or In Center.
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Five developmentally appropriate levels for infants through five years old. Both physical or virtual.
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Pikitin Learning Domains

During early Childhood, children cannot express themselves fluently either through speech or writing.
Instead, children express themselves through sounds, movement, and art.
If children can express themselves through the arts, they can learn through them as well.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Pikitin addresses the development of fine and gross motor skills by encouraging the children to jump, run, dance, with the use of different instruments and hands-on creative art activities.


Pikitin aborda el desarrollo de la motricidad fina y gruesa al animar a los niños a saltar, correr, bailar, con el uso de diferentes instrumentos y de actividades artísticas creativas prácticas.

Music Skills
Music is the universal language, and Pikitin uses music to reach every child in the classroom, develop musical skills with sufficient stimulation and exposure to music and music play to turn their potential into real musical growth.


La música es el lenguaje universal, y Pikitin la utiliza adecuadamente mediante canciones y juegos para llegar hasta cada niño en el aula, y estimular el crecimiento y desarrollo real de su potencial musical.

Expressive and Receptive Language
Pikitin classes are filled with fun songs and vocabulary enrichment activities that strengthen and support language development, phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination, and language comprehension developing a second language acquisition.


Las clases de Pikitin están llenas de canciones divertidas y actividades dirigidas al enriquecimiento del vocabulario, así como a fortalecer y apoyar el desarrollo del lenguaje, la identificación de fonemas, la discriminación auditiva y la comprensión del habla al desarrollar la adquisición de un segundo idioma.

Social Emotional Development
Pikitin Learning Projects promotes Social and Emotional learning to develop life skills and learning to manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, by promoting interaction with peers and adults during Pikitin Time.


Pikitin Learning Projects promueve el aprendizaje social y emocional para desarrollar en el niño habilidades para la vida, de manera que aprendan a manejar sus emociones, así como a establecer y lograr metas positivas, al fomentar la interacción con compañeros y adultos durante Pikitin Time.

Learning Problem Solving
During reading time, the teachers are encouraged to ask open-ended questions to stimulate and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills promoting creativity and active thinkers. Pikitin has developed books and stories to facilitate this routine. 


Durante el tiempo de lectura  se anima a los maestros a hacer preguntas abiertas para estimular y desarrollar en los niños el pensamiento crítico y las habilidades de resolución de problemas, promoviendo así la creatividad y el desarrollo de pensadores activos. Hemos creado libros e historias en nuestra firma, para apoyar estas rutinas de una forma productiva. 

Sensory Perception
Our programs are a powerful tool to stimulates children’s sensory perception and develops their listening and attention skills to promote the use of their senses to process and respond to different classroom activities.


Nuestros programas son muy útiles para estimular la percepción sensorial de los niños y desarrollar las habilidades de escucha y de atención que promueven el uso de sus sentidos para procesar y responder a las actividades que se realizan en el aula.

Music to our ears….

review review review
They too share the love of learning!

Jessica Ayala
Special Education Teacher with Infant and Toddler Specialization. Lima, Perú

In Pikitin  we have found the missing link to STEAM

Michelle Murphy
PreSchool Director of Bambini Academy. Port St Lucie, FL

We have loved the way Pikitin have mixed music, arts and books with all subject areas. It’s Genius!

Guadalupe Garza
President & CEO at National Educational Systems Inc. El Paso, TX

This is the only program that offers training like no one else! They teach us a lot of artistic techniques that all teachers really need.

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