Pikitin Learning Projects: We create educational programs based on music and authentic literature, aimed at supporting bilingualism, multiculturalism and creativity in children, youth, and families so that they can learn a second language or strengthen it. Welcome School Teachers, Parents, and Pikitin Studio Owners !

Programs and Products
Engaging and Interactive Professional Learning at your fingertips. Virtual or In Center.
  • Virtual
  • One on One
Five developmentally appropriate levels for infants through five years old. Both physical or virtual.
  • Virtual
  • One on One
Invest in yourself and your community. Run your Pikitin Studio, make money and help to educate children and families.
  • Virtual
  • One on One
Pikitin Learning Domains

During early Childhood, children cannot express themselves fluently either through speech or writing.
Instead, children express themselves through sounds, movement, and art.
If children can express themselves through the arts, they can learn through them as well.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Music Skills
Expressive and Receptive Language
Social Emotional Development
Learning Problem Solving
Sensory Perception
Music to our ears….

review review review
They too share the love of learning!

Jessica Ayala
Special Education Teacher with Infant and Toddler Specialization. Lima, Perú

In Pikitin  we have found the missing link to STEAM

Michelle Murphy
PreSchool Director of Bambini Academy. Port St Lucie, FL

We have loved the way Pikitin have mixed music, arts and books with all subject areas. It’s Genius!

Guadalupe Garza
President & CEO at National Educational Systems Inc. El Paso, TX

This is the only program that offers training like no one else! They teach us a lot of artistic techniques that all teachers really need.