About - Pikitin


Our Inspiration

Educators often find themselves unprepared to delve into realms such as music appreciation, crafts, and artistic aesthetics due to the constrained scope within their academic curriculum.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso

Company’s Vision

At Pikitin, we prioritize the voices of parents, students, and educators as they guide us toward creating meaningful content that embodies social values and inclusivity.

Our ultimate goal is to create a world without limitations, where diversity is celebrated and embraced. We hold education and equality in high regard and strongly advocate for the integration of music and culture in the holistic development of every individual.


PIKITIN has been founded by the awarded Cubanamerican singer-songwriter, children’s author, and multi Latin Grammy nominee Rita Rosa Ruesga.

The creative and educational advisory team at Pikitin is mostly composed of women from diverse nationalities, and it has remained the same since the creation of the company in 2019.

The multisensory educational experiences found in Pikitin's programs and resources support various domains of early-age learning

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Pikitin addresses the development of fine and gross motor skills by encouraging the children to jump, run, and dance, using different instruments and hands-on, creative art activities.

Expressive and Receptive Language

Pikitin classes offer an enjoyable blend of songs and vocabulary activities that enhance language development, phonemic awareness, auditory discrimination, and language comprehension.

Learning Problem Solving

The teachers are encouraged to pose open-ended questions during reading time to foster critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, while also promoting creativity and active engagement.

Music Skills

Music is the universal language and Pikitin effectively utilizes music to develop the musical talents of children in the classroom. Pikitin’s approach focuses on nurturing each child’s musical abilities, enabling them to make tangible progress in their musical journey.

Social-Emotional Development

Pikitin Learning Projects promotes Social and Emotional learning to develop life skills, learn to manage their emotions, and set and achieve positive goals by fostering interaction with peers and adults during Pikitin Time.

Sensory Perception

Our programs are a powerful tool to stimulate children’s sensory perception and develop their listening and attention skills to promote the use of their senses to process and respond to different classroom activities.

Our Team

Rita Rosa Ruesga

President and Chief of Creative

Lourdes Torres de la Fé


Soledad Sebastián

Art Director and Head of Illustrators.

Ana Colwell Cruz

Educational Content Consultant

Marie C. Demerville

Creole Language Content-Creator and Proofreader

Zorilien Riveron

Training Coordinator and  Educational Content Consultant

Marcelino Valdes

Training Coordinator and  Educational Content Consultant.

Mara Silva

Art Content Consultant and Trainer

Lisset Perez Esquenazi

Music Content Consultant and trainer

Sergio Andricaín

Author and Literacy Consultant

Marcos Menéndez

Audiovisual Director

Antonio Llibre

Operations and Logistics Coordinator

Ana Ximena Esquivel

PR and Marketing Coordinator