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About Us

Pikitin Learning Projects is a woman-led company with hearts full of passion for education. Our team of specialists in Early and General Education, Music Education, Literacy, Audio Visuals, Performing Arts, Authors, etc, have put together these remarkable programs based on a variety of research about language acquisition through music and literature.

Our Core
Aligned to the national and state standards of Early Education.
Contributes to the socio-emotional, cognitives and language development of children.
Through a multicultural approach, children will be exposed to learning a second language and a globalized methodology.
Cultivates the appreciation of music and literature.
Well curated and customized content.
Promotes family interaction in the learning process.
Pikitin was created after studying the positive impact of modern linguistic and musical techniques when learning a new language.
What Do We Do
Bilingual Programs.
Pikitin Club Associate Program.
Entertainment Brands.
Authentic Literature.
Original and Folk Music Recording.
Professional Development Sections and Seminars for Teachers and parents.
Family Engagement Activities and Newsletters.
Networking Events for Educators.
Artistic Performances in Schools and Theaters.
B-Multilingual Annual Conference
We know that every child is different. With Pikitin Programs we are impacting all main learning domains: music skills, fine and gross motor skills, receptive language, all body movements, social-emotional, sensory awareness, and cognition.
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Meet Our Team
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Rita Rosa Ruesga
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Artist, Musician, and Teacher with a colorful history creating culturally enriched content for early education programs. Being a mother of two children, the ability to create captivating content came naturally, simply meeting the needs of her youngest! Having received 4 nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards, International Latino Book Awards, and Cubadiscos Internacional, there is no doubt that her passion for art and music shines through her creations. Rita Rosa’s authentic material is included within various of Pikitin learning projects programs.

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Ana Cruz
Early Childhood Content Director
From the preschool classroom to school administration, Ana has enjoyed the field of education for over 12 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Educational and Clinical Psychology and also attained multiple early childhood certifications. Ana has worked in numerous positions, leading school offices, large groups of teachers and Ed-tech projects. She has a deep passion for language immersion, curriculum development and school management. When she is not at home, Ana can be found enjoying the sun at the park with her family!

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Kenia Largaespada
PR and Marketing Coordinator
She is a student of Marketing and Communications from Florida International University. Her experience within the education field ignited a passion for early childhood development leading her to Pikitin Learning Projects and sharing the love of learning!

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Maria Teresa Lugo
Infants and Toddlers Content Consultant
Mrs. Lugo holds a Master of Science in Early Childhood Education and Organizational Leadership. Maria has spent her life teaching, from early childhood to secondary education – igniting a passion for creating content for infants! Her work has been featured in many educational programs in her native country Venezuela.

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Lourdes Torres de la Fe
Spanish Content Curator and Editor
Lourdes earned a philology degree in Havana, Cuba. Her experience working with International publishing houses such as Santilla and Gente Nueva has positioned her as lead editor for countless medical books, textbooks, and children’s books.

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Rocio Amaya Salema
Arts and Designer
Mom of two and having represented international publishing houses in Cuba and Mexico, Rocio has mastered content creation that engages the mind of children. Full time mom of 2 little cuties.

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Marcelino Valdes
Educational Projects Consultant
With a Master’s degree in Education, Marcelino has collaborated with various educational and cultural entities internationally as an Educator, Artist, and Journalist. We are very excited to add his experience as a writer and musician to our agency.

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Antonio Llibre
Logistics and Global Cargo Consultant
Antonio handles the procurement, production, and distribution of all Pikitin Learning Projects products.

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Marcos Menendez
Animator, Videographer and Editor.
Animator, videographer, editor, and father of 2 little children. Marcos’ inner child lives strong, something that all creators should have!

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Doctor Adonis Gonzalez
Music Education Consultant
Composer, Conductor, and one of the most virtuosos Pianists in the world, Doctor Gonzalez has taken an interest in education and nobly worked alongside some Pikitin Musical Projects.

Adonis shares his love of music as a Piano teacher at the Central University of Alabama.

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